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Blog Article Writing – What To Consider

Everyone knows when it comes to getting good free organic rankings in Google that content is king. Having fresh and regularly updated content on your website can substantially improve your search engine rankings. This gives Googlebot a reason to keep coming back and visiting your website. This means your site is always refreshed in the ranking results and your newest content will be shown. Google loves fresh content so this alone should be a reason to write frequent blog or news articles and post these on your website.

You can also post these articles on 3rd party websites too, say if your website is new and you want to kick start your inbound link campaign too this will help. Ideally if your article or blog is on a certain topic then posting on a 3rd party site on a similar theme will help too. If you can include links back to your website this is even better as this can help with your SEO, inbound links play a factor in the rankings Google gives your website.

When you create your blog or latest news article you should consider factors such as timing, by this we mean if your article is about a sale or product or service on offer then you should aim to write your article a few months before and get it out there, so it has time to get ranked in search engine results in time for your sale. This can also apply for an event you are trying to promote, always ensure you have enough time for the marketing to take effect before the event date. Otherwise your work could be all for nothing if it’s left too late.

Also remember to carry out SEO on your article, SEO or search engine optimisation is the process of making sure your blog article ranks well for the keyword or phrase of your choice. In fact when creating an article you should always carry out a little keyword research to make sure you target a keyword with search volume. There are many free tools to do this online. So, when you start to create the article you know what keywords to include. Below is a basic breakdown of how to SEO your blog or news article.

1. Know what your keyword clenbuterol effekt or 2/3 keyword phrase is before you start.
2. Include this phrase in the metatag title.
3. Include this phrase in your description metatag (Yoast SEO HELPS)
4. Include this phrase in the header H1 or H2 tags.
5. Include the phrase at least 3 times in your actual article text, with one instance being in the last sentence.
6. Include image sin your articles to break it up.
7. Use Alt tags for your images and make the Alt tag your keyword.
8. If posting the article on a 3rd party site, make sure you use the keyword as the anchor link text back to your website.
9. Post the article on relevant websites.
10. Make sure your article has at least 500 words.

Make your article easy to read and avoid using technical jargon that may put people off. Remember people read blog or news articles for some light-hearted relief so try to keep it easy reading and light. Try get in the habit of posting new articles twice a week and at the very least weekly. If you find good sources to post your article, then keep using them as these can be hard to come by. Avoid using spammy sites and poor quality websites to post your articles on, this could do more harm then good for your websites SEO rankings. Google likes quality not quantity when it comes to inbound links so always remember this.

Don’t just create articles for the sake of it with nothing really to say as people won’t come back if they don’t learn or find out about something new, they need to be captured and interested. Also remember if your product or service is seasonal to create your new blog or article well in advance and go live with it so it has chance to be ranked by Google in the search engines, plus it gives people time to make an informed decision about your services or products. If you sell Halloween costume you don’t want people the day before finally seeing your blog or article on your products, this needs to be weeks maybe months before, so they have to browse, buy and get it delivered.

A good idea also is to link direct to the page on your site the article is about, so if it’s a certain product then link direct to that page from within your article. This reduces the clicks the potential customer needs to make and increases the chance of an action, be it form submission, product purchase or just general enquiry. If the site visitor has to go hunting for the product or service they require then you will likely lose them and they will simply leave the site.

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