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Why WordPress?

More sites are built with WordPress than any other CMS, in fact over 1/3 of ALL WEBSITES worldwide are built using WordPress! Traditionally some people have looked down on WordPress websites due to believing WordPress is for blogs, but that is definitely no longer the case. As time goes by more and more plugins were developed, adding more functionality and allowing more complex websites. The system crossed a tipping point and moved towards supporting all websites. In fact WordPress coupled with Woocommerce is probably the most capable eCommerce solution on the market and that’s coming from someone that has been building Magento sites for over 10 years!

Why choose us?

Even your mate down the pub will often claim to be a “web designer” (they say designer because they don’t understand what a web developer is) and with WordPress being so powerful, they often can fumble their way through creating something – often a credit to WordPress rather than your mate.

Unlike “Dave” we know how to write code. We’re fluent in the various coding languages that make a website and so can fully customise any element of a WordPress website. A DIY site can be spotted a mile off and your brand deserves better. While “Dave” is doing his day job, we’re using WordPress all day every day, attending WordPress conferences and innovating with our own WordPress Plugins.

Benefits of WordPress

From directory and marketplace sites to wholesale stores and booking systems – we’ve built them all on WordPress – the most flexible CMS on the market.

  • WordPress is 100% Free
  • Over 55,000 free plugins to extend functionality
  • Easy to use and well supported
  • Fast and secure with regular updates
  • Supports E-commerce
  • Full control over the code base
  • Easy to install a theme, or build your own
  • Help is easy to find

The WordPress Development Process


We learn about you, your business, your likes/dislikes and what you want from your new wordpress website

Web Design

We create detailed mock-ups of what your new website will look like, making amends as required.


We build, populate and style your site. We offer your training and do any amends requested.

Testing & Deployment

We test your site on devices and emulators to ensure the launch will go smoothly.


We're here for you in the years that come, adding new features and helping you promote your site.