Ur Back Up – Military Wellbeing App

Ur Back Up – Military Wellbeing App

Ur Back Up recently came to us with an admirable notion of giving back those who have selflessly served our country. We are excited at the prospect of partnering up and creating a Military Wellbeing app, providing individuals and charities with access to valuable insight through its unique ‘input your feelings’ feature. This is sure to make for a great conversation piece in regards to what we can do as volunteers!

Dorset Tech is proud to be apart of this military wellbeing app and look forward to seeing them grow and expand their reach outwards.

Key Features:

  • Clear UI
  • Presents a clear goal
  • Unique system
  • Custom templates
  • Custom Interactive widgets
  • Compelling Colour Scheme
  • Contact system to Charity or contact
  • mood record
  • Unique quiz

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Ur Back Up


March 1, 2023


App Development, Custom System Development