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If you are just starting out in the online world and considering moving your business to have a presence on the net then it can be very daunting. Not knowing who to speak to or what you actually need things can quickly become overwhelming and frustrating.  Maybe you already have a site but you wish to update it due to many reasons, maybe it’s not mobile responsive or perhaps it’s just dated and slow and in need of a proper update to bring it up to date with modern methods.  You might think the cost to do this is astronomical but you are wrong. Dorset Tech have affordable rates that are accessible to most businesses large and small. We offer a complete web designer in Poole package that can easily create what you need.

You don’t have to have extensive knowledge of the industry as we can explain everything you will need to know before getting started. We can evaluate your business and advise on what might work for you and what functions you could have. This all depends on what purpose you want your new or updated site to perform.

  • Attractive Visual Appearances
  • Clean Website Design
  • Improved Visitor Experience
  • Memorable to New Visitors
  • Professional Looking
  • Strong Brand Awareness
  • Great 1st Impression

With 2 designers and 11 developers in our team we have a wealth of knowledge and experience and can turn ant idea into reality. If you are stuck for ideas and inspiration we can help too and provide you with ideas for you top choose, even creating concepts so you can see how they look. We can integrate any function you could need and any 3rd party app or social interaction.

Web Designer PooleWe don’t use basic drag and drop technology here. All our sites are hand coded and built using the latest technology. We ensure a fast and seamless experience for your visitors and make sure as well as looking good it works too. We also make sure it will work on all platforms and browsers and mobile devices  too as well as tablets as people in todays modern world don’t just use a Desktop PC. In fact more people now use gadgets to browse online then a standard PC. So ensuring your site works on all devices is essential.  Our professional team will create an end result you are very happy with.

Web Designer Poole

We also use future proof technology which means should you wish to alter or amend the site later you can do easily and without incurring huge development costs. Some companies would charge you extortionate fees to do this and say it’s due to the development costs. We avoid this by making sure the site can be easily updated and upgraded as well as altered in the future.

web designer pooleYou only have so many seconds to attract your visitors attention. There are a number of factors which can put visitors off making them leave. We can help with these and ensure their experience onsite is always as can be. So they find what they want quickly and with as fewer clicks as required.  This in turn will increase the chances an action being performed be it a purchase, form enquiry or phone call.  To get started if you need a web designer in Poole just get in touch via phone or email and tell us your requirements.

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