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Top Web Design Trends of 2019

With 2020 only 4 months away (yes, really!), we’ve decided to have a look at some of the top Web Design Trends of 2019. These design concepts are ones that combine functionality with creativity, and they’re sure to last way into the new year.

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Organic and Geometric Shapes 

Throughout 2019 shapes have moved away from fluid and sleek, to more organic and striking patterns. These more popular geometric shapes are a strong choice to attract attention, and when deployed effectively can draw the eye towards specific content and key parts of your website design. Just make sure you’re careful not to stray into over use, as you want to complement other content features, not disrupt and distract from them.

Clean and Bold Fonts

Standardisation has started to take over fonts and logos, look around and you’ll start to see the Helvetica font being used almost everywhere. 2019 saw the use of bold and clean typefaces in web design, and the use of different font sizes and colours to distinguish between headings and main text rather than different fonts. This can give off an air of similarity between different brands, so it’s important to invest in custom website design to help give your website a unique edge compared to the competition.

Immersive Usability

With advances in technology, comes advances in design. 2019 saw website design become more immersive with aspects like moving 3D images and animations – our own home page is an excellent example of this design feature. These life-like layers creates an immersive environment for the audience, and allows your brand to stand out in the crowd. Changes in technology also allow for content that is accessible for all (such as those with a hearing impairment), which is sure to continue on into 2020.

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