PC Repairs at the Tech Bar -Gillingham Dorset

A fun new Tech Repair Facility on Gillingham High Street, North Dorset. An extra office to allow our website and app development team to expand, coupled with a dedicated Mobile and PC Repair facility.

The Past

November 2019 Dorset Tech opened a new high street branch – a brave move for a web agency! A few months later Covid-19 lockdown hit making the office look like a bad move… but the team knuckled down and somehow managed to grow!

From new services, to 9 new full time team members!

With all those team members and social distancing, we needed more space. A nearby café closed during lockdown was taken over to expand into. We spent an intensive month gutting it, replacing rotten floorboards, decorating and networking.

The Present

The new Dorset Tech – Tech Bar opened during 2 days before the second Covid-19 lockdown. It allowed the team to expand, keeping up with increased demand.

We’ve expanded yet again to offer yet more types of phone repair and even component level PC repair. Our 3D Printing service has returned and we’re expanding the range of new/used technology we keep in stock in store for collection.

The Future

We’ve secured additional space in the building attached to allow us to further expand in early 2021. The team will now begin fitting out the new space in preparation.

The new space will allow for more parts to be kept in stock, more 3D printers and will allow our laser cutting service to be moved over from our Sturminster Office. It’s hoped that this facility will be complete in February 2021.