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WordPress Plugin Addiction

WordPress Plugin Addiction is on the rise but what is it? What are the signs and symptoms? Let us explain…As a child, and even sometimes today with Apple or other technology, I had the affliction of ‘shiny new toy’ disease.Put simply, anything new dominated my attention for a few days/weeks/months and sometimes longer (but that was rare) and then, I’d discard said toy/technology in favour of whatever caught my eye next.Now, we at...

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WEB DESIGN: The web design process

Over the years there’s been a rapid growth in offerings from the likes of Wix, GoDaddy and 1&1 that seemingly allow you to create a functioning website - all without a professional web designer.The web design process isn't as simple or as easy as they sometimes make it sound, if it’s done properly. Find out how it works with Dorset Tech - the Dorset Web Design experts.Some people think that web design is...

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Google Algorithm Changes: What You Need to Know

All you thought you knew about SEO is about to change thanks to upcoming changes to the Google Algorithm. This is important- after all, when you look for something, how often do you go to Google? Where your website appears matter to the success of your business- high rankings mean increased traffic. For this reason, having a good SEO on your website is critical and with these Google Algorithm changes it’s important you’re...

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Why You Should use WordPress to Power Your Website

It’s certainly true that when trying to decide what will power your website, there’s a lot of different systems to choose from- but here we’ll tell you why you should use WordPress.No doubt as you talk to different web developers and designers, many will suggest something different. Some will swear by the holy grail of Magento. Others, it’s Drupal or die. You even get one or two who will suggest a custom built...

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It’s Time to Move Away from Adobe Flash

The death knell for Adobe Flash has been sounding for many years. First, Apple rejected it from their IPhone, IPad and IPod Touch in 2010- the roar of controversy that greeted it seems a bit daft now.Then a series of security controversies greeted dear old Flash, and one by one, Adobe Flash slipped from the go-to plugin to an optional extra- especially after the widespread adoption of HTML5. Which, let’s face it is...

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Build A Website: Five Reasons to “Go Pro”

You’re a small business or sole trader that’s looking to build a website for your customers to visit. You see how much some solutions cost (from other companies), and yelp louder than that moment when you discover how much a pint is in London. Then a mate tells you “I can build a website” for a price significantly cheaper.Sounds good. But the problem is you never quite know what you’re getting; and while...

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How to Implement Testimonials into Your Website

There are a lot of elements that can be considered ‘essential’ to a business website; and testimonials are no different. They reaffirm what your website content is telling your audience by attesting to your products, services and skills. People want to hear from a voice that isn’t the same as the business. Without a good clear set of testimonials, your potential clients can easily be turned away from your business, and towards your...

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SEO Frontend Checklist

SEO can be complicated, the scope of what you can do to fully optimise your rankings can feel never-ending. There are a few simple things, however, that everyone could (and should) do to raise their SEO rankings.We’ve put together a basic SEO frontend checklist, to help you optimise your webpages for SEO.Keep an eye out for our back end checklist, coming soon!Keyword Density You need to make sure that you are...

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Top Web Design Trends of 2019

With 2020 only 4 months away (yes, really!), we’ve decided to have a look at some of the top Web Design Trends of 2019. These design concepts are ones that combine functionality with creativity, and they’re sure to last way into the new year.At Dorset Tech, we are experts in custom web design. We can create the perfect new website for your business - using these fashionable ideas below or any style...

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4 SEO Tips for Rookies

If you’re just starting out, the world of SEO can seem like a complex place. It’s such an important feature of any site, but when it comes to researching it half the advice is often too advanced, or worse, out of date. A google search alone throws up around 500 million results for ‘SEO’, so who can blame you if you’re starting to feel confused by the subject!  But don’t panic - help is...