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VOUCHER SCAM: Supermarkets are giving away vouchers for sharing links.

While for many it’s almost the time of the year for merriment and spending money on Christmas, for some it’s also the season to scam others. This week’s featured scam involves one that seems to rear its head every so often- the old favourite, the one to win a high value supermarket voucher.There’s several examples of this scam doing the rounds, but the example we’re going to talk you through is one titled...

No such thing as bad clients: True or False?

There’s a saying that there is no such thing as a bad client, but is that true? If you know me, you’ll know I am one of the most positive people you’ll ever meet. I see light where it’s dark and often give a new customer a chance, even if I’ve been warned off by their old agency. Granted – every time, these have turned out to be a right pain in the...