Dorset Web Agency Service Status

Last updated: 05/10/2021

Project Team Status

Active Build Projects: 42

Current Waiting Lists

We’ve recently expanded the team to reduce our waiting lists – we’ll do our best to keep these down.

App Development: approx 1-2 weeks

Website Development: approx 2 weeks Note: we can often complete the mock-up stage while you wait

Graphic Design: approx 1 day

Social Media Marketing: approx 3-5 days

Content Writing: approx 1-2 days

Logo/Branding: approx 1-2 days

Support Team Status

Active Customer List: 1816

Last 30 Days Ticket System Scores:

Satisfaction Score: 100% (based on 20 responses)

Tickets solved: 444

Solved within 24 hours: 84%

Solved within 48 hours: 92%

We’ve recently expanded the team to improve our service times and it has gone great!

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