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SEO Frontend Checklist

SEO can be complicated, the scope of what you can do to fully optimise your rankings can feel never-ending. There are a few simple things, however, that everyone could (and should) do to raise their SEO rankings.

We’ve put together a basic SEO frontend checklist, to help you optimise your webpages for SEO.

Keep an eye out for our back end checklist, coming soon!

Keyword Density
You need to make sure that you are including your SEO keywords naturally throughout your webpage copy. Best practice is to ensure that your key terms occur between 3 and 4 times within the content, this can include the header. Once you reach 5 or more uses of the term, it strays into negative SEO as it is seen as a deliberate attempt to inflate SEO.

Word Count
For a webpage to be classified as a page by google (and rank on the results page), it needs to contain a minimum of 300 words. Headers and footers are not counted in this, so make sure you’re only counting the content itself. You can of course go over this count with your copy, but make sure you aren’t under it, so you’re not wasting those SEO keywords.

Webpage headings have one purpose – to enable your audience, and gogle, to distinguish what your webpage is all about. Ideally, all headings should contain the keywords to natually assist with SEO rankings. The heading is the first thing people see, so make sure it is clear and consise.

Best practice for any webpage is to have a mix of images and text within the content. Ensure that for any images you use, the alt text contains the SEO keywords for that webpage. Check out our blog on SEO images, for more help with this.

With both image and text content, you should ideally build links. These can be internal (other pages of your website), and external (outside site), but should be relevant to the content. Links tell google that your page is of high quality, and in turn, more traffic will be directed to your site.

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