Robot Combat

Remember Robot Wars? Well Robot Combat is one of the most inspiring sports for kids and we use it to teach STEM (Science, Technology, Engineeing & Maths).

For the last couple of years we’ve been running a fortnightly Robot Combat Club with participants aged 4 – 52. We’ve also developed innovative Robot Kits and our own speed controllers – these will be added to our new website shortly.

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Antweight Robot Combat Kits

It can be a daunting sport to get into especially for a child, or if you don’t have any electronics experience or tooling. The fear of your new creation being destroyed in its first fight is also a fear of many new roboteers. So we developed our own modular 3D printed robot combat kit. With 28 different panels available and all interchangeable, you can design your own bot and assemble in 30 minutes! V3 will be out in time for Christmas with various attachments and improved design – 30% lighter!

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Our Robots

We’ve got nearly 20 bots, so will add this list gradually.

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Robot Combat News

From build diaries, to event reports – we’ll share it all here.

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