Refer a Friend and Earn

With over 2,000 active support customers, we obtain most of our work from word of mouth referrals. We’re conscious that this takes effort on your behalf so want to reward you!

Dorset Tech has been at the forefront of Website and App Development in the UK for many years. We can develop simple brochure sites, to complex multi-site networks and international marketplaces. Being a social enterprise, we’ve managed to keep our rates down at levels not seen elsewhere – less than 1/4 of the industry average! If you love our work, why not tell people about it and benefit from it.

Benefits to your friend

They get support from a large team of experts, many of which have been doing this for over half our lives. They only get billed for the exact time used and not an additional margin.

Limited time only: We’ve just hired 3 new developers and so until our pipeline is expanded we’ll offer everyone our promotional rate of £25/hour – the same rate we offer to charities and less than 1/4 of the industry average rate!

Benefits to you

Help a friend
Your friend will surely appreciate you saving them 3/4 of their development bill.

Support a family business
We’ve grown a lot in the last couple of years, but we’re still a husband and wife business. No greedy investors, just a family trying to make a socially conscious impact on the industry.

Receive Cash Rewards
The table on this page shows our new referral credit rates for 2023. We recognise the effort some of you go to recommend us and want to reward you for it.

Super Referrers
Some of our customers refer people so frequently that we have a flag on their account giving them more leeway with payment terms, goodwill credits on their invoices, unbilled support tickets and free plugin licenses.


  • Budget up to £800 – £20 Commission
  • Budget up to £1,200 – £50 Commission
  • Budget up to £3,000 – £100 Commission
  • Budget over £3,000 – £150 Commission
  • Budget over £5,000 – £200 Commission


  • Budget up to £4,000 – £150 Commission
  • Budget up to £8,000 – £250 Commission
  • Budget up to £12,000 – £350 Commission
  • Budget over £12,000 – £500 Commission

SEO Package

SEO Package – £10 Commission

*Budget pre-vat. Commission paid on completion. Average completion time: SEO – 1 month, Website – 2 months, App – 4 months. Limit of 1 per referred customer. New customers only. Referrals from 1st Jan 2023.

The Referral Process


Either you make the introduction or the prospect mentions you referred them.

Project is worked on

We build the website, app or carry out SEO for the contact

Customer pays invoice

The customer is invoiced at the end of the project. NB: For SEO they are billed up-front for 1 month

Referral Credit Paid

We pay you within 7 days. You can also apply credit to existing invoices or keep on account for future support if preferred

Work Examples

We work with everyone from sub-£1,000 capital start-ups through to household brands that we’re not even allowed to talk about! Here are a select few displaying the broad range of industries that we cover and custom designs.

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