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Titanosaur Dinosaur Eggshell Fossil in Display Box – Cretaceous Period


Carefully Selected: The picture is the exact piece you’ll receive: 46 x 39 x 5mm

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Name: Titanosaur sp.

Species: Dinosaur
Age: Cretaceous Period
Location Found: Argentina
Titanosaurs were a diverse group of Sauropod Dinosaurs which were present about 136 to 66 million years ago, they were some of the heaviest creatures ever to walk the earth. Despite their huge body size, the eggs of Titanosaurus were relatively small in comparison. Females would dig holes with their back feet, lay around 25 eggs in the ‘nest’ then conceal them with a layer of dirt and vegetation for warmth, and protection from predators!
Various: The item will be selected at random from our collection. The average size is 3-6mm.
Comes in Free Display Box!