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Signed Apollo 15 First Day Cover (FDC) – Astronaut Al Worden NASA 1971 – COA

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Al Worden Signed Apollo 15 First Day Cover

This first day cover depicting the Apollo 15 Crew (Worden, Lovell, Scott) sitting on their Lunar Roving Vehicle is signed by NASA Moonwalker Astronaut Alfred Worden and is also inscribed with ”Apollo 15”.

Al Worden is regarded by the world records to have been the “Most isolated human being” of all time, as at one point during Apollo 15 he was 2,235miles from the nearest humans (Irwin and Scott – the other Astronauts). On the way back to Earth, Al Worden performed the first deep space spacewalk to retrieve exposed film.

Postmarked Kennedy Space Centre 2nd August 1971. This was the date upon which there was an LM-CSM docking and also upon which Scott & Irwin walked on the moon during EVA 3

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