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Robot Wars Competitor Parts: Ripper Body Panel – series 7 Collectable


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We’re in the process of moving our education centre and need to reduce the size of our Robot Wars exhibit.

Funds raised will be put towards our very own combat robot competing for the first time in September.

I purchased this about a year ago and it’s been a popular item in the exhibit.

Grade 5 Titanium (3mm thick).

For sale on our site and listed as auction item on ebay. Payment by Paypal to secure.

Item is very heavy, so shipping expensive. Collection from Sturminster Newton possible.

Details on Ripper (series 7)

Ripper was a competitor robot that fought in Series 7 of Robot Wars, entered by Team Roaming Robots. It reached the Heat Final in Series 7, where it was flipped out of the arena by the second seed Firestorm 5. Ripper also competed in the Annihilator at the end of the series, finishing runner-up to the previous Annihilator champion, Kan-Opener.

Ripper was a large wedge-shaped robot painted green and yellow and armed with a very large pneumatic flipper. Despite its size, Ripper’s mechanics were isolated to one spot, with most of the robot’s insides being empty. This allowed Ripper to take a significant amount of damage before being immobilised, which also compensated for its relatively weak armour.

The flipper, though low pressure, was capable of throwing a robot out of the arena as it used two rams rather than one, but despite coming close on several occasions, it never achieved this.

Ripper’s flipper was by far NOT the most powerful, but it was big, that was its biggest strength, it had the power and size the flip robots over and out of the arena… and because the pneumatics only ran on 10 bar, we had over 45 flips before getting low on gas!
— John Findlay

Ripper’s flipper was said to be interchangeable with a disc and an axe, but John Findlay later revealed that this was not actually true, and that he had made it up for the benefit of viewers.