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Robot Combat Antweight Arena – Polycarbonate Battle Box


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This is the arena used for the Dorset Robot Championship in November 2018.

When Atom Club closed, we purchased the arena from liquidation to allow the robot combat club to continue. With the centre being merged into 1 building, we now need the arena to fit inside what used to be the shop and to be easily flat-packed so that we can take it to offsite venues more easily. We are therefore selling the old arena (and some robot wars parts) and building two flat-pack antweight arenas that can be joined together to form a beetleweight arena for bigger events.

The base and stand (on heavy duty wheels) is made out of CLS timber. The polycarbonate is 4mm thick on the walls and 3mm thick on the roof, reinforced with wood. The box is designed with a moat to reduce the typical damage battle boxes get from spinners. The only damage to note is a blob of permanent marker from a sharpie wielding robot that fought a spinner! Due to the large size of the battlebox the arena is easily removable leaving a large working hole to get in and clean the inside of the box. The arena is made of wood with c. 50% pit percentage. Obviously this is for robot combat so there is damage to the arena, expect to need to fill and repaint.

What is included:

  • Wooden base (flat packed) on heavy duty casters
  • Polycarbonate battle box
  • LED Strip light
  • Removable wood arena (the one with the wood walls)

Whats not included:

  • Live streaming set-up (we’re using that on the new one)
  • Floor flipper module (it will fit the new one)
  • Sponsor signage (we’re using that on the new one)
  • Black decorative sheeting (had to be removed to take the stand apart)
  • Removable wood arena (the one with the poly and steel walls)
  • The Arena timer module (being used on the new one)


Polycarbonate box: 1300mm x 1530mm x 610mm

Arena: (from memory: will update shortly) 1200mm x 1000mm

Assembled with stand on wheels: (from memory: will update shortly) 1500mm x 1700mm x 1500mm


You will need to collect with a van. The stand is flat-packed and the arena lifts out. The Battle-box with wood base is in one piece, but the light needs removing to get it out of the door.