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Innovative Gel Ant Farm


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Gel ant farms have become one of the must have toys in the last year. Kids love having pets and ants are a great pet! They’re free to obtain, hardy and fascinating to watch!

Rumour has it, that the gel used was developed by NASA to see if ants could survive in zero gravity. The gel is also contains all the water and nutrients they need, so there’s next to no maintenance.

Ants are the pet you’ve never considered, but they’re great. If well looked after, your new pets will live between 1-6 months

This ant maze requires 6-12mm ants that have a habit of digging holes. Different groups of ants put together may cause fights, so best to use the same ones.

Put 20-30 ants measuring 6 mm or less or 15-20 ants measuring 8 mm or larger in it. Usually, ants will start working after 24-28 hours. The best temperature is 25 ~ 30 °C. If the temperature is below 20 °C, ants may rarely work.

Instructions: Open the ant maze and poke 2-3 holes about 10-20mm depth with a small stick to give the ants a clue as to what to do.

Gel can be re-used. Put it in the microwave it and can be used again.

Best ants to use: harvester ant, Camponotus japonicus, Cataglyphis aenescens, Formica cunicularia , formica japonlca, etc.

Watch your new pets dig tunnels, build and move gel.


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