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Design Stage

How many mock-ups do you require?

Detailed mock-ups by a professional designer
Detailed mobile mock-ups by a professional designer

Site Structure

What system will the site be built on?
How custom do you want it?
Will this list lots of locations/businesses?
Allow users to add their own listings


Page layouts, graphic design, population from content provided.

How creative do you want the pages to be?
About, Contact Us, Locations, Services, etc

Search Engine Optimisation

Let’s get your site performing well in the search engines.

Initial One-off SEO on the site
Not essential, but ideal if you want to grow the site. Recommended: 3 hours+ for rapid growth
Building targeted links to your site each month to boost your search engine performance
Rank tracking, weekly site audits, SEO checklist and more


Learn how to edit your new website, or simply get us to maintain it for you.

Personalised training video of your specific site
Training session at our high street office

Testing and Deployment Budget

The essentials to make sure that it all goes smoothly and you see the best results are covered. Add more if you can justify it.

We’ve selected what is normally needed, but feel free to add more if you’d like more advanced testing.


Anything else we can help with?

For more complex logos see our other pages.
High quality images supplied at cost price
An even faster site
Average price for a matching app sharing the same content
An ideal way to budget for any scope adjustments you want to make during the project


Secure and fast hosting through our hardware partners. NB: We do not offer shared hosting.

Included as standard

Free Domain Management

We manage domains free of charge. Just pay for the annual license fee. Email hosting is free for domains managed by us.

Domains charged at cost price, no management fee.

Business Email Accounts

Free if domain is managed by us

Free if domains managed by us

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