Mailshot Design

Connect with a large number of customers through effective Mailshots

Dorset Tech can help you design effect mailshots to promote your business and connect with new customers.

Why Mailshots?

A mailshot is a short dispatch of mail, that focuses on a current promotion, that is intended to reach a large number of people. Mailshots are traditionally created on paper, but more and more businesses are using email to send out a mailshot and quickly connect with consumers. After all, more than 34% of people world-wide use email, so it’s likely the majority of your audience do. 

The most effective mailshots are those that come with an eye-catching design. You need to make it immediately clear who you are, what makes you unique, what you’re promoting and (perhaps most importantly) why it matters to the reader. When done correctly, mailshots can open your business up to a whole group of new customers. 

Why choose us?

Dorset Tech understands not only what makes an effective mailshot, but also what is meant by good design. Our highly skilled creative team will get to know your business and brand, and work with you to create a tailored mailshot design, that will entice your audience into becoming a customer. 

We’ve spent years building customer relations through marketing, and know how design is an important element of an effective marketing campaign. It’s not just about pushing a promotion, but rather investing time into thoughtful communication that builds up customer loyalty and a brand following. 

Contact Dorset Tech today for more information about Mailshots.

Benefits of Mailshots

  • Connect directly with new customers
  • Promote products and services
  • Create a brand following
  • Raise conversion rates
  • Cost effective
  • Drive traffic to your website

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