iPhone Screen Repair Dorset

iphone screen repair dorsetWhen it comes to gadgets most of us have a mobile device. This means at some point most of us will have dropped it breaking the screen. Hearing that crack sound can only mean one thing, an expensive repair, or does it? Here at Dorset Tech we have experienced and qualified technicians who can offer iPhone screen repair in Bournemouth at an affordable price. We work with all phone models too and in most cases we can even offer a same day turnaround. Our convenient location on the high street offering iphone screen repair in Gillingham, Dorset means you won’t be without your mobile for very long.

We don’t charge you for the fill hour also if it takes less time to fix.  Prices start from just £35 and we can even offer a special deal to replace your battery too at the same time. We have been the go to people for iphone scree n repair in Dorset for some time now, providing a fast and professional service at affordable prices. We carry out all our work on our premises so you can just drop of your mobile and we can take a look to diagnose the issue. We offer a full range of repair services as well for your peace of mind. Many people are tempted to throw away there iPhone as they think it can’t be fixed but we might be able to rescue it for you, saving you money and hassle.

Our prices are clear and available online for all models, simply select your model online and see the price.  Call us to book an appointment today or pop in to our high street location so we can take a look and see if our iphone screen repair in Gillingham, Dorset can  help you. We invest heavily in staff training so our technicians can quickly identify the problem and offer you a solution. We can also help with unlocking and data transfer too if you have issues in this department. If your iPhone is locked or bricked we could help. We would need to see the phone though to carry out a proper assessment on the issue and what we can do to help.

iPhone Screen Repair Gillingham, Dorset

iphone repair dorsetDon’t forget you only pay for the time it takes to fix the issue and for a limited time only, to assist with the financial struggles that most are dealing with today, we’re lowering the hourly rate we charge to just £25. Also we don’t charge you full hours”, you only get charged for the minutes used to resolve the problem (minimum charge £12.50). For the more common problems there’s no charge for inspection, but some faults will need you to book it in for an inspection so we can tell you what the issue is. We can pretty much ensure we will be cheaper then anywhere else online or on the high street and we have technicians who are all trained up on the latest techniques and methods so you know you are in good hands when you need iPhone repair in Dorset. Drop in to our high street location today and we  will gladly help with any issue you may have.

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