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How to start your own Twitter Hour

Twitter has been a well utilised platform for online marketing for some time now, which is why it can be surprising when some people still make mistakes while using it to promote their brand or business. 

The twitter hour (or hashtag hour) is probably the most popular twitter marketing tool. While it’s true that they can seem to be saturating the market, there is probably a twitter hour for every conceivable topic, that doesn’t make them any less effective when done correctly. 

A great example of a powerful and effective twitter hour is @TheoPaphitis #SBS. Or Small Business Sunday. If you want to see for yourself how wide reaching and effective Twitter hours can be, check this one out first. 

Twitter hours are fantastic for getting across your brand message, sparking a conversation, raising engagement, exposing your business to new customers, building up virtual relationships and they’re not very time consuming at all. To benefit from all of this, however, you need to make sure you’re doing it right, so it doesn’t get lost among the many other hashtags and conversations. 

Before you host your own, make sure you read our top tips for utilising the Power of the (twitter) Hour!

1 Have a clear hashtag
I know, it sounds so obvious, but get this simple aspect wrong and your business will be viral for all the wrong reasons! We all remember the hashtags that fail spectacularly. Who could forget #Susanalbumparty – most probably not what Susan Boyle’s team were aiming for when they were promoting her new album. Just make sure you think your hashtags through, make them short, easy to understand, and to the point. 

2 Know what the purpose of the hour is
You’re topic can be wide reaching or super niche, as long as it is interesting and valuable to your audience. Make sure it’s clear what the purpose of the hour is, people will naturally want to join in if they know what they’re going to get out of it. It’s the easiest way to drum up engagement. 

3 Promote your hour!

You should start tweeting about your hour at least 7 days in advance. Let your audience know it’s happening so they’re ready and waiting to join in. Make sure you share the topic, hashtag, time and date. You could also send out specific invited to influencers who you know will engage and draw an audience.  

4 Connect and Engage with the audience
Once you’ve got your audience there, you need to make sure they’re engaged with the conversation and keep it going. Make sure you read replies, ask questions, retweet the best comments and @ people directly. Your audience will only be as engaged as you are. 

5 Summarise with a great CTA
At the end of the hour don’t let all your work go to waste by just trailing off. Make sure you wrap everything up with a clear CTA. It doesn’t matter if it’s confirming the next twitter hour, or sending participants to a blog, site or service. Just make sure you use clear language and the CTA fits in well with the tone of the topic.

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Nidavellir may be where Thor's hammer was forged, but Faye is making some seriously powerful copy on her laptop! Faye has a natural flair for copy-writing and social media that converts visitors into customers.

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