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How To Optimise Your WooCommerce Store Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate optimisation is the process of convincing more people to complete the call to action. In terms of WooCommerce, that means getting them to make a purchase from your store, and in turn growing your business. 

Sounds simple, but with so many different ways to improve your eCommerce store out there, how do you know which will be the most effective in improving your conversion rate?

This article will go through our top 4 plugins to optimise your WooCommerce Store for a higher conversion rate. 


1 Live Chat (
Connecting with your customers through Live Chat has been known to increase conversions by up to 16%. It helps to create a better online experience for potential customers by reassuring them your store can be trusted, and that they will receive a high level of customer service throughout. There are many Live Chat Plugins on the market, but we think the best is Not only is it free, but it comes with a wide range of customisable actions and additional features (did you know you that is also a ticketing system?) that rival any other live chat plugin on the market. 


2 Pricing & Discount 

As an eCommerce seller, you should be running various pricing tests to see which has the best conversion rate with your customers. Remember, pricing doesn’t need to be the same all the time, even if there’s no changes of the cost of the goods. The WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing plugin enables you to manage a whole range of factors when it comes to promotions, discounts, loyalty pricing and more. 


3 Re-marketing 

Creating an advertising campaign that re-targets potential customers who have already visited your site is a proven way to raise your stores conversion rate. People are more likely to return to a store and make a purchase if they are reminded of your products through targeted ads. Facebook is considered the gold standard for retargeting, and by using a Facebook Pixel ID you can easily track numerous events in WooCommerce Conversion. These include; add to cart, purchase, complete registration, view product and many more. 


4 Abandoned Cart 

Finally, do you want to help increase your conversions by up to 60%? Then install a cart recovery option. If a potential customer abandons their cart, a timely email reminding them about their chosen products can often turn them into a buyer. WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart allows for customisable emails to be sent from the dashboard. You can also send out discount coupons to peak customer interest even more. 

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