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How to Implement Testimonials into Your Website

There are a lot of elements that can be considered ‘essential’ to a business website; and testimonials are no different. They reaffirm what your website content is telling your audience by attesting to your products, services and skills. People want to hear from a voice that isn’t the same as the business. Without a good clear set of testimonials, your potential clients can easily be turned away from your business, and towards your competitors.

Below are our top testimonial tips, to help you navigate the world of testimonials, and implement them into your website design.

Use Testimonials to Punctuate your Website Content

The reviews you receive will undoubtedly vary in length and detail, longer ones will be more useful on a separateTestimonials: Why They Are So Important for Your Website testimonials page (which we go into in more detail below). The mistake some people make, however, is to include short and succinct testimonials on the dedicated page, when they can be much better utilised to punctuate your main website content. For example, say you’re a website design agency – on your pages explaining each of your individual services you should use a relevant review between blocks of texts. Not only does it break up the content for your audience, and visually adds interest, but it also gives your content more weight. It reminds potential clients that your business will do what it says it will, and has had clear success.

Create a Testimonials Page

As we said above, some reviews will be longer, and these don’t work effectively when used within your usual website content. For these, it makes sense to collate them onto a specific testimonials webpage within your website. After each sale, or closure with a client, ask for a review. Remember you can always ask specific questions or give an outline to your clients to ensure your testimonials are what you need. When adding your testimonials make sure you add the name of the reviewer, and if possible a small image or bio. Doing this creates a personal feel, and helps give that distinct voice your audience look for.

Show Your Testimonials Off With a Slider

Dedicate pages, and reviews within the content are great, but if you’re looking to have a constant stream of positive testimonials – implementing a slider is the most effective way to achieve this. Sliders are a great way to show multiple reviews that showcase separate products or services. Testimonials are worth their weight in gold and should be seen throughout your website. Take the time to highlight how your business is worthwhile and give your audience additional content to engage with.

If you’re looking for help with implementing testimonials into your website design, contact Dorset Tech today!

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