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How to Create Good SEO with Images

Images are a great way to help with your website SEO. They’re a positive SEO ranking factor, and also allow for increased use of focus keywords. Despite all this, however, SEO images often get overlooked.

So what do you need to know in order to increase your SEO score through images? Here are our top 3 tips to get you started.

Keyword Density – Alt Text

For every webpage and blog post, you will likely have a keyword assigned to it to help your SEO score. For example, if you run a Web Design Agency and you’re creating a services page about WooCommerce development, the key term is going to be ‘WooCommerce Development Agency’. Just like you’d make sure the copy of the page integrates this SEO keyword, so should the images! Make sure the alt text includes your keywords, in turn boosting your SEO

High Quality Content

Having both images and text on web and blog pages is the basics to building high quality, and therefore high ranking, content. Images are great for breaking up blocks of text, and getting across your message quickly. It makes sense then, to have as many quality images across your website as possible, each with the correct SEO alt text that is crucial to your rankings. Just make sure your images are optimised and compressed where possible so they don’t slow down your website loading speeds.

Sharing and Commenting Options

Make sure you have the correct website settings to enable your images to be shared and commentated on. This practice of allowing people to willingly interact with you content, will demonstrate to Google that your content is high quality and can be trusted. In turn directing more traffic to it and raising your SEO rankings – the ideal situation for any business. 

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