Please note: Filming starts soon and the course is expected to launch in August.

What’s the catch?

Absolutely no catch! As a social enterprise, we are trying to demystify Search Engine Optimisation and show you how you can do most of it yourself. While it’s true an agency like us will get better results, quicker, many businesses just don’t have the budget for that and so this course will show you easy ways to get great ranks for your website in just 30 days.

How is this course different?

Most courses tell you what to do, we will show you what to do. We’re using a real Dorset Tech customer’s website in the training so you can not only see how things are done, but also the real results you can expect from it.

Be featured in the course

We’re looking for one brave customer to have their site featured in the course. Without seeing the site we don’t know how much work it will require, but we’d guess up to £1,000 worth. The lucky customer will get 30 days of intensive SEO work for just £250 and free advertising for the life of this course.

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