Father’s Day Gift Guide at Dorset Tech

Father’s Day is right around the corner, the day we celebrate the superheroes we call Dad, who work hard everyday to keep a roof over our heads, come to our rescue whenever they are called and tells lame dad jokes to keep smiles on our faces.

They may not have ‘Superhero’ in their job title, but the role of ‘Dad’ is pretty close.

So if you’re running out of ideas as to what to get him this year, check out some of our gifts that you can buy for your Dad to remind him that he’s your favourite superhero. Shop local and visit our Store on Gillingham high street and find the perfect gifts for your Dad this Father’s Day. Here is our gift guide for Father’s Day 2021.

Deadpool Merch – Perfect for epic Dads this Father’s Day

When it comes to Deadpool, he’s the funny, witty, badass anti-hero. A definite Dad favourite! And we have some excellent Deadpool products that you can give your badass Dad this year!

We have the perfect Deadpool apron for the Dads who are the best cooks in the kitchen! They may make a mess, and they may avoid the washing up, but they throw one hell of a meal together!

Marvel Deadpool Apron for sale

Find your Dads inner Deadpool with this fantastic pair of socks. Once he’s got these on, he will feel that much more awesome!

Marvel Deadpool socks for sale

For the Dads who have to dress smart for work with the shirt and tie get up, make your Dad feel super special with this Deadpool Club Cable Tie, simple, professional with a little dash of that rebel feeling!

Marvel Deadpool Tie gift for Father's Day


Does your Dad run to the coffee machine every morning before he starts his day? Does he have a favourite mug? No? Well then, we’ve got such a selection of cool, funny and colourful mugs that no matter which one you pick out for him, they will instantly become his new favourite mug, promise!

Collection of mugs available at Dorset Tech


Is your Dad a movie buff? Let me guess…Star Wars, DC, Marvel, Back to the Future? I thought so, which is why our selection of T-shirts would be perfect for your Dad this year.

Marvel Wolverine T-shirt Marvel Deadpool T-shirt DC Batman T-shirt Marvel Balck Panther T-shirt Marvel Antman and Wasp T-shirt

Come and Say hi!

Whether it’s a gift for your Dad’s man cave or just a little something to have in the house, we have something for all superhero loving Dads! So why not come and visit our shop on the high street? We’re open 9-5 and would love to help you find something your Dad will love!

Inside view of Dorset Tech Shop Inside photo of Dorset Tech shop of t-shirt rail and merch

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Dorset Tech Support

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