Dorset Tech iPhone & Computer & MAC Repair Services

Dorset Tech iPhone & Computer/MAC Repair Services

Not just content with providing excellent and affordable web design and E-commerce services we also have specialist repair technicians for your PC, MAC or iPhone. You can read more info on these specialist services below. Our prices are highly affordable and we only charge for the time required not per set hour.

PC & MAC Repair

Get expert Dorset and Bournemouth PC or MAC repair at affordable rates starting from just £12.50 and often with a same day turnaround. The Tech heroes can offer a great service to help you no matter what your technical issue is. Our Bournemouth computer repairs will make sure you aren’t without your machine for long. We can work on MACS or PC’s and can provide any type of repair, we can even work on laptops too.

We can fix screens, install new memory, remove viruses, replace worn components and more and what’s more it won’t cost you the earth too as you only pay for the time it takes. In most cases we don’t charge a fee for inspection when we provide Bournemouth computer repairs too. Some faults though may require you to book in advance to arrange a proficient inspection.

We won’t be beaten on price when it comes to Dorset computer repair. Our team are experienced and qualified in PC repair and know all the latest and advanced repair techniques.

Some of the issues we can help you with include:

• Laptop Battery replacement
• Ram Upgrades
• Virus removal
• Data recovery
• Hard drive to SSD upgrades
• Windows installations
• Laptop Keyboard replacements
• Custom Gaming PC builds
• Laptop screen replacement
• Computer upgrades and speed boost

Contact us today to book in your Bournemouth computer repair or PC repair in Dorset and get peace of mind that you won’t be over charged for the work and you receive clear and honest advice on the issue and what repairs are required before any work is done.

iPhone Repair

We’ve all been there and dropped our iPhone at some point cracking the screen, usually when out of warranty with Apple. That’s why we provide affordable iPhone screen repair in Gillingham and Dorset starting from just £35 depending on the model. What’s more you can also get your iPhone battery replaced at the same time and save 25%.

iPhone screen repair in Gillingham used to be expensive but not with our new low prices. What’s more we can usually offer a same day turnaround so you won’t be without you iPhone for very long. You also only pay for the time it takes to provide Dorset iPhone repair and not set hourly rates.

We don’t even charge for inspection as well in most cases, especially if a cracked screen as you can easily tell what the issue is. We can repair all models of iPhone in Bournemouth and our tech guys have years of experience in providing Dorset iPhone repair and making sure your phone is working 100%.

Some examples of the Gillingham iPhone repair we can offer are:

• Phone Battery replacement
• OS Restoring
• Phone Network Unlocking
• Charging port replacement
• iPhone Screen Replacement
• iPhone Lock Removal
• iPhone Activation Lock Removal – hit and miss
• Mobile Phone Data Recovery
• Data Transfer

You won’t be able to find a lower price for Dorset iPhone repair and with qualified technicians available you can be sure your phone will come back in full working order with the issue resolved. We can work on all models old and new and we invest heavily in training so we are always up to date with the latest techniques.

Our hourly rates are £25 but we don’t charge for the hour if it takes less time to fix your iPhone. Our Gillingham iPhone repair service is available with same day repair in most cases. There is a minimum charge of £12.50 should your Bournemouth iPhone repair take less then 30 minutes.

Book your iPhone repair in Dorset today and take the worry away about being left with a huge repair bill when we offer low affordable repair rates.

Dorset Tech Support

The Dorset Tech support team is here to offer you the advice and news you need to get your foothold in the ever-evolving digital world.

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