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Does Social Media Work?

Social Media has not just helped in stitching together the remotest parts of the world but has brought so many companies in the spotlight. Today social media has enabled people to voice their opinion on matters ranging from human rights, to ten best places in the world. Being an important tool used by establishments for promoting their businesses, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or LinkedIn, corporations extract the best of the web as they increase their PR and capture attention of potential customers through social media. But is social media just a ruse? Does it actually promote a business?

Below are some ways as to how social media can work for your business:

New Ways of Promoting Brands

Social media websites present a new way of marketing that allow companies to promote their product, connect with their audience, increase awareness of the product and improve on its sales. Since brand awareness is a key objective of a business, companies now use social media as a marketing channel. For instance Costa tweeting a free coffee voucher or Pepsi offering tickets to the World Cup through a Facebook contest. These not only grab the attention of the customer now, but cause the customer to look forward to what the company will promote next.

An Inexpensive Option for Marketing

Social Media websites are an economical option to advertising brands or products for small or big, new and old businesses alike. The traditional marketing channels such as print, radio, or TV advertising are still an expensive option for most businesses, but with new and small ventures mushrooming rapidly, marketing through social media is becoming a popular strategy for such firms.

Enhanced Communication

With a brand being constantly active on social media, the goal is to create a bridge between the company and its customers which would lead to better communication and increased engagement. Taking suggestions, asking questions, or replying to customer complaints instantly, result in a constant communication between the company and its customers. Through this constant interaction, the aim is to build a relationship of confidence and dependability, ensuing sales and profit for the organisation.

Social media tools should be used to track engagement and ensure that posts are delivered at the optimum time. From daily trivia and product updates, to fan of the week and competitions, we can manage your entire Social Media Presence for you. At Dorset Tech, brands and services are not just promoted, but placed to become a part of the daily life of a customer, reflecting their values and lifestyle. We offer regular posting (including research and scheduling) from just £40 / month. Why not contact us for a no-obligation quote?


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