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Choosing The Best School Web Designer

Schools share many of the same needs for a website as today’s businesses do. From marketing purposes and advertising their services, to providing useful information to parents and students, a school website is very similar in design to a business website. There is one difference, however, and that is in the type of web designer a school needs to create their website. Schools need a web designer that specialises in creating websites and web content for educational organisations, they need a school web designer.

Let’s take a look at some useful tips that will help you choose a school web designer for your school:

Tips For Choosing The Best School Web Designer

Understand Your Website Requirements- what do you want from your school website and what information should it include? Knowing the purpose of your school’s website will help you determine the type of school web developer that you need.

Know Your Budget- a custom website can cost up to £10K, which is normally well out of the budget range of a school. This is why a lot of schools think they have to settle for one of the terrible “off the shelf” template based sites. As a social enterprise with our own STEM education centre, we offer a huge discount on our hourly rate to make custom development as affordable as the template sites. Before contacting a school web designer, know just how much you want to spend as this will affect your decision.

What Is Their Track Record- research the web design agency and find out how long they have been in business and what their experience is. What websites have they created and what do their previous customers have to say about their experience with the web design team? These are all important questions that you should be asking.

Design Strategy- find out what their design strategy is and how they go about creating their websites. This can help you stay within your budget and give you an idea about the timeframe needed to create your school’s website.

Check Online Reviews- check the school web designer’s online reviews on Google, Yelp and social media pages. You can learn what kind of service and support they provide their clients.

Customer Service- when you speak with a school web designer, be sure to notice how you are greeted by the staff and how the web design team approaches your website. The web design team should be helpful, informative and seem interested in what you have to say.

Contact Dorset Tech

To learn more about choosing the best school web designer for your school, contact Dorset Tech and let a website professional assist you and answer any questions you might have.

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