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Web Design Dorset
Web Design Dorset
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Marketing advice from the superhero agency. Chris Ryu has been marketing huge brands for over 15 years. Visit our Sturminster Newton Office.

Beginners Guide to PPC (Pay Per Click)

When it comes to online marketing Dorset Tech know a thing or two about how to best advertise your website and get new business. One of the main services we provide is SEO (search engine optimisation) which is the process of achieving the free organic rankings in Google however we are equally as experienced and knowledgeable with pay per click advertising. For many people pay per click may seem like a daunting prospect however...

Beginners Guide to SEO

What is SEO? SEO or (search engine optimisation) is the process where you work on your website to gain free or organic rankings in search engines, mainly Google. These are the results you see when you do a Google search though be careful to not confuse them with the paid adverts (usual say paid or sponsored listings around them). Organic free rankings tend to appear below paid listings. The action to get your website to...

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Local or National SEO Rankings, Which Should You Go For?

When it comes to creating a strategy to achieve the free rankings in Google, one of the decisions you need to make is which keywords to go for. Keyword research should always be the first task you perform and one of the decisions you make is should you target national rankings for example “carpet fitters” or local rankings like “Dorset carpet fitters”. You can easily spend hundreds or thousands of pounds on trying to...

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Choosing Metatags

What are Meta Tags? Meta tags are the part of your websites code that inform Googles search bot crawler on what your website is about and the products or services you provide.  The information is not visible to people viewing your website, but it can be seen by search engines and search engine crawlers, sometimes called spiders. Meta tags are part of your HTML code that only search engines can see. Meta tags are used...

What is a Landing Page?

What is a Landing Page?

You might have heard the phrase “landing page” when discussing website design or search engine optimisation and PPC (Pay per click). But what is one? As the name suggest it’s a page your site visitors land on when visiting your website. Normally it’s a page you have directed your website traffic to, so you can get site visitors to perform an action be it purchase, form completion or any other action. Most other pages...

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What’s the difference between onsite and offsite SEO?

When you first embark on an SEO programme the tasks and factors involved can be quite daunting.  So many details that require your attention. Don’t do this but do that etc. You’ve probably read many conflicting articles or websites each one proclaiming to be the oracle when it comes to SEO. There’s 2 different types of SEO – Onsite and offsite, both require different things. Below we will break it down and make...

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Live Chat Feature On My Website – Good Or Bad?

More and more businesses are using a live chat feature on their website to increase interaction with their site visitors. Question is does this increase sales and actions or does it just increase the work required to manage your business?  Not all industries and websites are suitable for using a live chat feature so how do you know if it’s right for your business? Firstly, let start with the costs. The actual cost of...

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What is PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising And Is It For You?

If you own a website, chances are you will have heard the phrase “pay per click” or “PPC”. You’ve probably been contacted by a company selling PPC also but due to simply not understanding what it is declined to tale the conversation further. Let us try simplifying matters and explain what PPC is and if it can be a useful marketing strategy for your website and your business. So, what is PPC? Essentially it’s...

Social Media Marketing – How Much Is Too Much?

Social Media Marketing – How Much Is Too Much?

Social media marketing can be a great tool to help build brand awareness, traffic and interact with old, new and potential customers. Placing content about your product or the service you provide in front of people at a specific time can generate business and leads. However people don’t like to be bombarded with buy me, buy me status updates or Tweets on a daily basis.  There is a fine line between providing helpful...

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How To Choose Keywords For Your SEO Strategy

So, you have your new website ready or being built, next stage is to bring traffic to the new site. But where do you start, well besides PPC there is SEO (search engine optimisation).  This is the process where you gain placements or free rankings in the organic listings in Googles search results, totally free by the way. Well the traffic is free the process to gain these free rankings usually requires hiring...