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Top Twitter Hours to Grow Your Business 2019

Interacting with Twitter hours and joining relevant conversations can be a great way to grow your business and set you apart as somebody worth listening to in your chosen arena. Twitter hour? What? What’s a Twitter Hour anyway? A Twitter hour is an event set up on Twitter that allows users to contribute by using a # (hashtag) to a conversation that is held at a specific date and time. The hashtag usually explains what...

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Why You Should Avoid Vistaprint for Business Card Design

You’ve seen the adverts from Vistaprint promising top of the range business cards for prices too good to be true. We understand it can be tempting- after all, you want the best for your business. However, what you end up getting may not be what you hoped for. With that in mind, here’s why we think you should avoid Vistaprint for your business card design. It’s All About The Templates Templates are great if every...

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Google Algorithm Changes: What You Need to Know

All you thought you knew about SEO is about to change thanks to upcoming changes to the Google Algorithm. This is important- after all, when you look for something, how often do you go to Google? Where your website appears matter to the success of your business- high rankings mean increased traffic. For this reason, having a good SEO on your website is critical and with these Google Algorithm changes it’s important you’re...

The Importance of Social Media Marketing

Part of any business is the ability to reach out to customers old and potentially new- and as such Social Media Marketing has never been more important.Done right, it can be the kingmaker between success and failure for you and your business. But Social Media Marketing is more than just putting things on social media- whether that’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other services such as Youtube or Pinterest.Just in the UK alone, 45%...

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SEO Backend Checklist

When it comes to SEO, the back end of your webpages need to be optimised just as much as the frontend does. To fully optimise your site for the best SEO rankings, you need to pay attention to both. These simple steps will help you get started.  We recently published our simple SEO frontend checklist, make sure you complete the steps there before moving on to optimising the back end.Keyword Density Once you’ve decided on...

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SEO Frontend Checklist

SEO can be complicated, the scope of what you can do to fully optimise your rankings can feel never-ending. There are a few simple things, however, that everyone could (and should) do to raise their SEO rankings.We’ve put together a basic SEO frontend checklist, to help you optimise your webpages for SEO.Keep an eye out for our back end checklist, coming soon!Keyword Density You need to make sure that you are...

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How to Create Good SEO with Images

Images are a great way to help with your website SEO. They’re a positive SEO ranking factor, and also allow for increased use of focus keywords. Despite all this, however, SEO images often get overlooked.So what do you need to know in order to increase your SEO score through images? Here are our top 3 tips to get you started.Keyword Density - Alt TextFor every webpage and blog post, you will likely...

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4 SEO Tips for Rookies

If you’re just starting out, the world of SEO can seem like a complex place. It’s such an important feature of any site, but when it comes to researching it half the advice is often too advanced, or worse, out of date. A google search alone throws up around 500 million results for ‘SEO’, so who can blame you if you’re starting to feel confused by the subject!  But don’t panic - help is...