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Online Scams

File Manager Hacked: Nasty new Malware doing the rounds – lowerbeforwarden

EDIT 6th Sept 2020 00:02: Due to the high volumes of requests for help with this virus, we've recorded a video detailing how to fix it. It's a live run through of a real site, so the video is 50 minutes long, but will hopefully help people solve their issues EDIT 5th Sept 2020 15:13: Wow this is affecting a lot of sites! Just done one that was slightly different. In the script the...

Scam Busters: Facebook “Get Rich Quick” Schemes

In today’s Scam Buster Blog Series, we’re going to be looking at the ‘Get Rich Quick’ scams, the seemingly legitimate brands and businesses that promise quick and easy money to unsuspecting victims. It’s easy to be taken in by what’s offered - minimum work for maximum payoff, all from the comfort of your own home! But these scams prey on those most vulnerable, from young students desperate to make some money, to families...