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Free website help and advice from the superhero agency. Chris Ryu has been building websites for huge brands for over 15 years. Poole and Bournemouth represent our biggest client bases. Read our free SEO Tips below.

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Why You Should Never Use a Website Builder

When you’re looking to build a website yourself, it’s very tempting to use one of the many DIY website builders offering themselves for free or cheap. We can see the attraction- you save money on a web developer. You control your website. And most importantly, it’s easy. At this point, we mean things such as Webs, Wix or sometimes you can get website builder software with a hosting package.But what you save in...

adobe flash

It’s Time to Move Away from Adobe Flash

The death knell for Adobe Flash has been sounding for many years. First, Apple rejected it from their IPhone, IPad and IPod Touch in 2010- the roar of controversy that greeted it seems a bit daft now.Then a series of security controversies greeted dear old Flash, and one by one, Adobe Flash slipped from the go-to plugin to an optional extra- especially after the widespread adoption of HTML5. Which, let’s face it is...

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Building Websites Advice: Why WordPress?

When it comes to building websites, it quickly becomes clear there’s a lot of different solutions. It’s easy to be confused on what’s what. Indeed, here at Dorset Tech, our in-house team of superheroes can build websites on a range of different systems.But one of the best platforms for building websites, and also one that’s great on a budget is WordPress. Did you know that a third of ALL websites worldwide are built...

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Build A Website: Five Reasons to “Go Pro”

You’re a small business or sole trader that’s looking to build a website for your customers to visit. You see how much some solutions cost (from other companies), and yelp louder than that moment when you discover how much a pint is in London. Then a mate tells you “I can build a website” for a price significantly cheaper.Sounds good. But the problem is you never quite know what you’re getting; and while...

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The Importance of a Good Password

Sometimes, there’s nothing more frustrating than signing up to a service, then for that service to ask you to enter a different password because the one you’ve chosen isn’t strong enough. For example, it could ask you to add an exclamation mark, a number or a few capital letters.Such as Fluffy1 instead of Fluffy when you want a password named after your pet rabbit.However, in the world where even mega corporations are not...

Discount for BVM Business Award Finalists

Discount for BVM Business Award Finalists As a social enterprise, we make a conscious effort to keep our pricing affordable. Our standard rate is just £35/hour, that's around 1/3 of the UK industry average rate and yet our team includes some of the most experienced developers & designers in the country. While we are approaching a rate increase for new customers, we are committed to keeping our discounted £25/hour rate that we offer to...

Cloudways Hosting Provider Hacked September 2019

Edit: An update has been provided by Cloudways - 10/09/2019 @ 14:23: Read to the endIt has come to our attention that Cloudways, the hosting provider trusted by millions, is suspected of being hacked.At the time of writing this it is not clear the extent of the hack and it has not been confirmed by cloudways. Knowing the Cloudways team, they probably have this well under control.If you receive an email from Cloudways...

Top 4 Ways to Personalise Your Website

Every time you use the internet you’re bombarded with a million different choices about which site to use. Deciding which one is the best choice can feel overwhelming at times.Think about your own online shopping experiences. The sites you end up using are probably the ones displaying the most engaging content for you; whether it be location or past browsing habits. It’s no different for your customers. Website personalisation is when you present content...

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Why Web Designers Should Learn SEO

We at the Honest Tech Group like to think that we can handle almost any challenge that comes our way, whether it be creative, technical or social.But in the world of web design and development, the rules constantly change, the goalposts move – nowhere is this more apparent than in the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) work we do for our clients.In the early days, it used to be sufficient to have keywords and...

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