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Can We Build You A Cheap Website?

Can We Build You A Cheap Website?

One question that we get asked quite frequently here at Dorset Tech is, ‘Can you build me a cheap website?’ this is usually asked by new business owners or business owners who are on a budget. Whichever category you are in, there is nothing wrong with a lower priced website as long as it offers all of the same features and levels of quality as the much more expensive websites. With that being said, let’s take a look at the idea of a cheap website and see how Dorset Tech can help make it possible.

You Really Can Have A Cheap Website!

Because of Dorset Tech’s unique social enterprise status, we are able to build websites for around 1/3 of the price of traditional Dorset web development agencies. With prices starting at just £495 for a well-developed, user-friendly small business website, you really can have a cheap website!

Fully Responsive, Content Managed Websites

Now, does this mean that your website will be a slow, poorly designed representation of your business? Just the opposite. Dorset Tech has a minimum set of standards that our web development team adheres to when creating any website for our clients. Every website that we create must be fully responsive, content managed, user-friendly and have an aesthetically pleasing design that makes it stand out? Why do we go to such lengths to provide our clients with cheap websites? Because we believe that the success of your business relies on your website and if your website is the best it can be, your business will be much more successful.

If you are considering having a new website developed for your small to medium or enterprise level business, don’t pay too much for your website, contact Dorset Tech instead. By contacting Dorset Tech for all of your web development needs, you can save both time and money and have an effective website that offers all of the bells and whistles of the more expensive websites, but without the expensive price tag. So, when we are asked if we can make a cheap website for one of our clients, our answer will always be yes!

Contact Dorset Tech

To learn more about a cheap website and how it can benefit your business, contact Dorset Tech and let a website professional assist you and answer any questions you might have.

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